OptiPress IV

OptiPress IV is a mobile screw press separator for flexible use. It is characterised by high-quality materials, little wear and thus a long service life.


OptiPress IV separates solids from your substrates quickly and reliably. After this process, the separated solids have a dry matter content of 25 to 30 percent. They can be used as a spreadable, valuable fertiliser with low odour emissions or processed further (pellet production). Compared to the input material, the liquid proportion’s dry matter content is reduced by half, i.e. it can be used as valuable liquid fertiliser on the fields, allowing fertilisation with its desirable nutrient components. Storage is also easier because no homogenisation is necessary.

Because OptiPress IV is made of cast pieces (press housing made of ductile iron), works with a tungsten-carbide-coated auger and uses the most modern production methods, it represents a high-quality technology at an attractive price / performance ratio.


The substrate is filled into the input area of the housing via an eccentric screw pump. A screen basket filters the solid parts and a rotating auger inside the basket transports the parts into the machine’s press area. Here, the solids are crushed applying the resistance of a spring flap mechanism.

A centrifugal pump conveys the resulting filtrate into your storage area. The different operation modes of the separator can be adjusted at the control cabinet.


  • high capacity of 18-45 m3/h
  • low energy and operation costs
  • compact design with small space requirements
  • use of high-quality materials
  • little wear, long service life
  • easy to clean and to maintain without removing the press head
  • easy to transport to the required location
  • ready for use very quickly

Technical data
Screen basket length 780 mm
Screen basket diameter 260 mm
Drive power 5,5 kW, 400 V
Auger rotation 28 min-1
Capacity 18–45 m3/h